Power Cords, Adapters, Chargers

Type: BC-101
Sale price$481.15


 BC-101   Charger, Battery, For BU-101 w/Cord 
 BC-102   Charger, Battery, For BU-102 w/Cord 
 BC-102-MODULE   Charger, Battery, Module only , no plug for BU-102 
 BC-12   Charger, Battery, For BU-12S/L 
 JR6-DCCON   Adapter, ADC with AC cord for JR-6, JR-6+, BC-12 
 M-AC/DC-2   Mini AC/DC Power Supply for use with JR-4, JR-4A & JR-5 heated jacket removers; required for stand-alone use. 
 PC-2   Cord, Power, DC, 12-volt for JR-6/JR-6-200/ JR-6+ 
 PC-AC2  Power Cord for Q101, Q102 Series, T-56, Q502S Fusion Splicers. NOTE: This does not include the power adapter.
 PC-AC2-2P  Power Cord for T400S, QH201e, JR-6, JR-6+. NOTE: This does not include the power adapter.
 PCV-16   Car Battery Adapter Unit for use with Type Q102-CA,Q102-CAp,Q102-M12, includes cord 
 PS-Q101  Power Supply for TYPE-Q101 Splicers. Includes power cord and adapter.
 PS-Q102  Power Supply for TYPE-Q102 Splicers. Includes power cord and adapter.
 PS-T400-15   AC adapter and power cord, T-400, QH201-e, Q502S

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