Electrodes: ER-10
Sale price$77.81


At Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, we offer the support for all aspects of fusion splicer and precision tool maintenance to ensure that your Sumitomo Electric fusion splicers and tools are in excellent working condition — yielding precise jacket removal, cleaves, and consistent low loss splicing. That’s why we offer high precision, long life, and durable replacement blades and electrodes.

 ER-10   Replacement Electrodes for T400S, T56+, Quantum series fusion splicers Q101 & Q102  
 ER-11   Replacement Electrodes for QH201e fusion splicer 
 ER-17   Replacement Electrodes for Q502S fusion splicer 
 ER-10-200   Replacement Electrodes for Q101 & Q102 M12-200 dedicated 200um fusion splicer 

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