Size: APF-03-ARM
Sale price$326.74


 APF-03-ARM   Mounting arm for APF-03 Aerial Splice Platform 
 APF-03-KIT   Aerial Splice Platform with stand, rod & straps; Mounting Arm included 
 APF-03-PMB   Pole Mount Bracket for use with Aerial Splice Platform 
 MPF-01   Mini FTTH Work Platform fur use with Type 25e series fusion splicers 
 WT-15   T400S Work Table w/ strap 
 Q101-CT-001   Cooling Tray for Q101 & Q102 Models 
 Q101-STH-001   Splice-Tray, Holder & Plate & Screws for Q101-M12 
 Q101-STH-FH01   Splice-Tray Fiber Holder for Q101-M12,EA (2 are required)  
 Q101-STH-KIT   Splice-Tray for Q101-M12, Q101-STH-FH01 ordered seperately. 
 Q102-STH-001   Splice-Tray, Holder, Plate & Screws for Q102-CA+/M12, Q101-STH-FH01 ordered seperately. 
 T400-COOLTRAY   Cooling Tray for TYPE-400S 
 TR-01   TR-01 Tripod for Fusion Splicers T400S/T56p/Q502/Q102-CAp/M12p
 LYNX2-ATK2-MPO   Tool, Assembly for Lynx2 MPO w/ Ribbonizer 
 WT-201   Work Tray for QH201e 
 FCT-201   Cooling Tray for QH201e 
 FCT-17   Cooling Tray for Q502S 

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